27 thoughts on “♥My NEW Hair Extensions/Sew-In♥ | NR Hair Group Malaysian Wavy

  1. @LadyJade217 Thanks J! Sew-ins are so convenient. I fully recommend this hair to anyone with fine/natural hair. If you wear it wavy/curly you just have to make sure to blend it well. I think u will love it!:)

  2. Looks good! I'm thinking about getting a sew in for my headshots and probably for graduation (about the same time) and I wanted something that wasn't too curly, but nothing bone straight. My hair is SUPER FULL so I will have to consult with my hair stylist. Great tips!

  3. The hair looks great weavy. Also was the a hair dye on rinse? I know you said hair dye sometime we mean something else.
    Because if you dye your hair you'll have to take care of your natural hair as well as the extensions.
    Congradulations on you new look it it really complaiments you.

  4. @xXcHUCKIIEtAYZXx Extensions are a godsend! I think that is a great idea. My wefts are sewn in, but of course you can turn any tracks into clip ins. I'm glad I was of some help to you!:)

  5. Im glad you made this vid, because I have been looking for some affordable clip in extensions that i can wear in my hair… *I have been transitioning for about a year and recently starting flat ironing and wearing my hair straight… The problem with this is that i had choppy layers when i was permed and my natural hair is a lot fuller than my straight ends… Im looking for clip ins because i don't wanna worry with the braids w/ the sew in… please help!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. @xxLondanSoothesxx You're welcome! I always try to make any "fake" hair look as real as possible. I'm going to be wearing it curly alot since I've started back working out. Thanks for the compliment!:)

  7. It looks like your real hair and your length is just about as long as the hair. You hair is growing! P.S I love the way curly hair looks with your face. I have a round face and I think curly looks very good on me. Thanks for making this video.

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