9 thoughts on “✓ My Nighttime Beauty Routine

  1. @OneTrueBella Thanks love! It IS refreshing! I was like how do they do that? lol And yea I've been in the gym too tryna banish the bulge. I wanted to make sure I emphasized that because I didn't want ppl watching my video thinking they are going to go buy a magic cream lol

  2. @Ciarahoneydip ohh okay, that makes sense. (You keep that up, since it's different from every other youtuber. ) Yeah, it's probably not that different. I just didn't try it because I don't like the color green, haha.

  3. @MissLysreign Not necessarily testing them out just have different ones for different moods lol And yea I understand about asking for products! The green cleanser is really good. I'm sure its not much different from the orange other than scent lol

  4. Are you testing out different intros?
    I have been begging my mom to buy me that AMBI Fade Cream. (I have no job, haha.) She almost bought it for me, but then I felt guilty for always asking for stuff, so I put it back. :/
    I like the orange morning burst face cleanser. Never tried the green bottle.

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