24 thoughts on “Updates on My Life/Your Video Requests

  1. @AllAboutMeeeeeee YES mami!! I LOVE Paris!!! Can I go with you ? lol Whatever you do you have to go shopping on Champs de Elysses. It is heaven! But don't eat the food on that strip…its not that good lol Drive careful they r crazy drivers! And spend more than 1 day there…you can't do it all in one day;)

  2. Could you do a video on career planning? ex. What you can do to prepare for a career after college, what employers are looking for, applying for a job and working in another country, etc.

  3. @luvinmysailor Will do! Not going to get into any specifics, but my situation has changed as as result of my career and needing to be in the states. Thanks for the support love!:)

  4. A curly hair video would be great 😉 I know this can be sensitive,but I watched your videos when you lived in Europe and you said you were married.I take it you're divorced now 🙁

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